The groups and their composition

The daycare is composed of 3 groups, 1 group of babies from 3 months until about 18 months, 1 group of toddlers from 18 months until the age of 2 and a half or 3 years old, 1 group of older children from 2 and a half or 3 until the age of entry into kindergarten.

We encourage the 3 groups to work together, to help each other and to organise activities together.

The space is divided and furnished according to the age of the children, there are symbolic games (dolls, dinnerware set…), sensory motor games (paper, shapes…), emotional development games (books, teddy bears…), and interactive games (slides, big cars…).

Living in a group allows the child, especially with games and appropriate equipment, to discover, explore, imitate and express his creative and inter-relational potential. The educational team creates and enriches interaction and relationships between the children by alternating appreciation, prohibition and placing limits according to their behaviour, in order to create conditions that are beneficial towards their integration into society.

Objectives of the 3 groups :

In order to promote good self-esteem and independence that will help the child to confront life in all confidence, activities in these groups are put in place to develop their senses such as : imagination, imitation, memorisation, construction, patience, communication, a sense of group, sharing, fine motor skills and global motor skills through construction games, manipulation of diverse materials, stories, puzzles, outings, reunions…

To achieve these goals, we regularly offer the children various themes according to the seasons, holidays and current events.