Prices and monthly payments

Daily Tarif

Morning (without meal)40%

7 am-11h00 pm



7 am-14h30 pm







CHF 60.-

Full Day100%

7 am-18h30pm

max. 10 hours

CHF 130.-

Prices are calculated by a daily rate multiplied by the number of days in one month in other words 20 days (or 4 weeks of 5 days).

  • Full day, 100% is CHF 130.-
  • Half day with meal and nap, 75% is CHF 90.-
  • Half day without meal, 40% is CHF 60.-

Payment is due on the 1st of each month. As holidays are deducted according to the number of days in the year, the amount due each month is identical, even in case of the child’s absence.

Calculating the number of monthly payments

The calculation of the number of monthly payments is done as follows :

1 year 52 weeks
Holidays 5 weeks
Total 47 weeks

(Number of monthly payments x price x 20 working days x 11,75) / (12 monthly payments)

In the event of a delay in payment, a fee of CHF10.- will be charged to you each time a reminder is sent out. Management reserves the right to ask for one months’ deposit if the conditions of payment are not respected. In the event of expulsion of the child from the centre, the payment of the two months’ notice deposit will not be reimbursed.

Adaptation period fee

A period of adaptation is obligatory for each child and costs CHF300.-.

Prices for enrolment

When reserving a place for your child, 3 months in advance, an amount of CHF200 is charged. A reservation made before the minimal 3 months is possible and is half the price of the daily tarif per month, up to maximum 6 months prior to the child’s entry into the daycare. The enrolment takes place when the reservation form is signed and the reservation fee of CHF250.- is paid.