Self-respect, the respect of others, and the environment.

The respect of each individuals’ rhythm in order for the child to become confident in his or her ability and to help the child evolve towards independence.


In our centre, we find that self-esteem is essential. A child who values himself and has confidence in himself will develop a positive self-esteem and will therefore have a better capacity to face difficulties. A child who is self-confident will acquire an interior well-being that will help him to confront the world that he lives in.


It is by encouraging self-esteem in the child that we can lead the child towards independence.

Children have an ability to evolve towards independence. It is originally by a symbiotic relationship with their mother, their independence lies in their ability to become detached from their mother. A child’s independence finds its completion in the pleasure that the child has to think and act for himself. To obtain this, a child needs to go through the process of separation and become an individual, this may generate moments of anxiety but also enthusiasm.

Our role is to identify this desire of independence in the child and accompany him on his journey, in order for him to find pleasure in taking initiatives, thinking and acting by himself according to his wishes.

4.The security

Emotional security

We work according to a system of reference for adaptation and meetings with the parents in order to ensure an emotional security for the child. Thereafter the child detaches himself from this person and can interact with his peers and adults. At “Les Chattons”, we are attentive to the needs and the capabilities of the child and help him to endure the  separation from his parents. Tenderness and affection is promoted throughout the day, and the teddy bear finds its place each time the child needs it to help him feel secure in difficult moments.

Physical security

Our premises are adapted to allow freedom of movement to the children in complete safety. The secure entrance door only opens to people who are known and recognised by our camera system (or by the educational team).

5.Transparency and partnership

We encourage ”Les Chattons” to maintain a relationship based on confidence and good communication between the parents and the daycare center, with complete transparency of information. Parents can come at any time of the day at their discretion to ensure that optimal care of the their child is taking place. We attempt to develop a partnership by involving parents into taking part in the centre.