The procedure for pre inscription

To enrol your child on the waiting list, please do as follows :

  • Fill in the online form that you will find below.
  • Wait for the management to contact you in order to set a time and date for an appointment.
  • You will then be invited to visit our premises and decide on a final registration with the management.

Please take note that the pre-registration file does not guarantee your child a place in our daycare centre.

Informations de l'enfant


  • Matin = 40% 7h00-11h00 CHF65.-
    Matin+repas+sieste = 75% 7h00-14h30 CHF100.-
    Repas+sieste+après-midi = 75% 11h00-18h30 CHF100.-
    Après-midi = 40% 14h00-18h30 CHF65.-
    Journée = 100% (max 10heures) 7h00-18h30 CHF140.-

Formulaire parents


  • Père