The development of a child

We  are aware of the attention span, of the patience and of the motivation of each child.

Each attempt of a child towards the accomplishment of any task is congratulated and encouraged.

The children all eat at the same time and we integrate habits and traditions of our culture progressively, first by using a fork and a spoon, then a knife. It is possible that due to a theme, children may eat with chopsticks or their fingers. We encourage children to taste various foods without forcing them and for them to always stay polite by using little magic words. Dishes are put on the table and children learn how to serve themselves, to estimate the quantities they will eat, to wait for their turn and to pass on their plates when they have finished.

Throughout their development, children are always encouraged to become more independent.

After meals, children go to the bathroom where they learn how to wash their hands, their mouths and brush their teeth by themselves.

Each child has his own bed. The children may take something with them to help them fall asleep. A calm atmosphere, soft music and cuddles are always available for those who want them. An adult is always present to supervise the children.

A collaboration with parents for a coordinated agreement is also necessary, for potty training at hom. Discovering the potty, firstly as a ritual, becomes thereafter a necessary and essential object. Slowly but surely the child will go to the toilet alone.

During excursions, children walk by holding onto a rope or an adult’s hand, and as they get older may walk in pairs under supervision.

Our educational team pays all their attention to each and every child. Affection, confidence building, stimulation are important values present throughout the day. The individual rhythm of each child is respected.