Health, care and medicine

We only welcome children who are healthy, as a protective measure towards the other children but also for their own comfort. Parents are kindly requested to find another solution for their children if they are sick, have a temperature or if the carer and director consider that the general state of health of the child requires him to stay at home. If a child becomes ill while he is present at the daycare, management will ask parents to come and fetch their child as soon as they can.

The educational team, in agreement with the management can refuse to accept a child who carries symptoms of a contagious illness or that needs a medical examination. We can ask advice from the referral doctor if necessary.

An restraining order will be posted at the entrance of the nursery on the information board. This order is endorsed by the Cantonal Federation of doctors.

Please be aware that despite all the precautions that are put in place, contagious sicknesses are inevitable in places such as  nurseries, where children are in contact with each other all day.

In case of an emergency and while informing parents where possible, the educational team will take a child to hospital if this is necessary. Families are required to pay for any expense.

When a child comes back to the daycare after having been ill, a medical certificate of good health may be requested.

Management will be informed of any contagious sicknesses the child, or a member of his/her family has, in order to take necessary precautions.

If possible, we ask parents to give the centre any medication that the child may need to take.

However, if our staff needs to give a child medicine please proceed as follows :

  • Fill in the form giving the educational team the authorisation to give your child  medicine ( Click here)
  • Mention the quantity and the time intervals
  • Indicate the time that the medicine was last taken at home (i.e. giving clear instructions).

We allow parents to give children medication for up to 3 days without consulting a doctor, after that, parents will need to consult their paediatrician or the child will need to stay at home.

All medicine must imperatively have a label with the name of your child on it.

A collaboration with specialized doctors ( the child’s pediatrican, psychologist, speech therapist or psychomotrician ) is possible. The nursery could need them for advice and guidance with a child. In the case of a difficult situation, the help from one of these specialized doctors could be recommended to parents. No action of this sort will be taken without the consent of the parents unless signs of neglect or abuse are noticed.


Our daycare selects products adapted for the everyday use of children such as sun screen, face cream, cream for nappy changing. If a child has an allergic reaction to any of these products, please show a medical certificate and in this case, parents may bring their own products. Nappies are to be provided by the parents.