We pay special attention to the subjects of self-respect, respecting others and respecting the environment. Our team respects the unique abilities of each child, adapts activities to support their development and by doing helps them improve their self-confidence.


We help the children develop respect for each other, specifically by using different games, and demonstrate the importance of respecting the environment through creative activities and fun trips. 




By having self-confidence and an appreciation for their worth, the children are able to grow while developing a positive sense of self esteem. 

A positive self-esteem is fundamental in helping the children deal with any difficulties they may have to face during their lives. 




By emphasizing self-confidence, we are able to help the child develop a sense of independence, allowing them to take pleasure in thinking and acting alone. Through the activities and care in the nursery we help facilitate this development.




Physical security

The children’s security is paramount; the only access to the nursery is via a system of recognition. Our establishment and facilities are adapted to suit the children’s needs. 


Emotional security

Each child has an assigned teacher who acts as the point of contact for the parents regarding their child’s development. However, all members of staff are attentive to all the children and their well-being (recognising their unique their cries, behaviour, gests,…)

Kindness and affection our important to us, children need to feel appreciated as to be able to grow into well adjusted adults. Our nursery is a caring and loving environment. 


Transparency and partnership


At our nursery, we realise the importance of a trusting relationship with the families. Parents are allowed to come in at any point to see their children in our environment. Parents are regularly invited to participate in nursery life. 

We have an area set-aside so mothers can comfortably come to breastfeed their babies.  


Sustainable development 


Sustainable development is “development that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Quote by Gro Harlem Brundtland, Norwegian prime minister (1987) 


Concerned with the future our children, our team underwent training in eco-citizenship. For this reason, they are qualified and able to gently introduce the children to the concepts of environmental sustainability. 


Sustainable development is a big part of our educational project. We work on it everyday by the use of different materials during the activities, going on fun walks and recycling.

The children go outside daily, no matter the weather, which is why it is necessary to bring them appropriate clothing for the season. 


The outside is full of discoveries. Sometimes, you just need to take a few steps outside your door to discover an interesting object or insect. We help the children discover and learn to respect the fauna and flora and the world that surrounds them.