All meals served in the nursery respect the necessary nutritional values for a child. The meals are varied and balanced.


Because of our environmental initiative, we favour in-season fruit and vegetables and the bio label. Likewise, we use products without palm oil, preservatives or additives. In addition, we offer the children homemade food as much as possible, for example jam.


For the afternoon snack, we favour fresh local products. The children often help with the creation of their snack. 


The babies have their own rhythm. Meals are given to them in accordance to a plan discussed with the parents and dependant on what time they ate in the morning.


The toddlers and big kids have their meal at 11am. Each child gets a bit of everything on their plate and is able to ask for more. We encourage them to try new food, however never force them. As the children grow, the staff help them to become more independent. For the big kids the plates are given to them and they can serve themselves, this teaches them to estimate the quantity they can eat.


Any conditions linked to ideologies or religions are taken into consideration in agreement with the management. Only food restrictions for medical reasons are applied automatically.