For the well being of your child and as a form of protection for the other children, we cannot look after children that are unwell. Parents are asked to find other forms of care if their child has a temperature (above 38.5), or if the staff, with the management’s agreement, consider that the child is not well enough to be in the nursery. If a child is taken ill while at nursery, we may ask the parents to come and collect them.


We will refuse any child with symptoms of a contagious illness or can ask for a medical confirmation. We will provide you with a list of illnesses that require temporary exclusion from the nursery; this list is also on the notice board for your reference. 


As far as practicably possible, the parents are asked to administer medicine to their children. 


However, below you will find the protocol to be followed if staff members will be required to give medicine:


  • Sign the form that gives us your permission to administer medicine to your child (the form is online)
  • Mention the quantity and frequency at which the medicine should be given 
  • Indicate the last time the medicine was taken at home 
  • If we are to give medicine for more than three days we ask to see the prescription or for you to keep your child at home 


Any medication must be labelled with names and surnames of the child.


When a child comes back to nursery after an absence for medical reasons, a sick-note may be asked for.


The nursery management will be notified of any contagious illness of a child or member of their family as to be able to take the necessary precautions.