Dear parents,


Our team implements a variety of projects linked to our values and more specifically our annual theme.


The environment plays a big role in our establishment, which is why we have recycling bins in our garden that can be used by the different groups of children and parents alike. 

This is one of the ways that we are increasing the children’s awareness to the importance of recycling and it allows us to give a second life to different objects. The materiel placed in these bins is used for various activities, for example arts and crafts.


We are trying to adopt responsible behaviour, limit our consummation and teach the children to regularly think about the environment.One of our many little acts for the environment is the use of cloth bags (instead of plastic bags) for dirty clothes. Indeed, plastic bags are playing a big part in our planet’s pollution and people tend to use them by force of habit, without thinking about the effects they can have.


This year our curriculum is built around the idea of differences, “all the same, all different”, which we will detail in our next newsletter.


To conclude this newsletter, we invite you to read this little story which references sustainable development and individual responsibility. 


“The legend of the Hummingbird” by Pierre Rabhi, Actes sud junior, 2013 


“One day there was a huge forest fire. Aghast, powerlessly all the animals watched this disaster unfold. Only the Hummingbird did anything, capturing drops of water in his beak and throwing them onto the fire. After a moment, the annyoed armadillo asked him: “Hummingbird, are you crazy? It’s not with drops of water that you will be able to put out the fire!”


The Hummingbird replied: “I know, but I’m still doing my part”


The Chattons team